“I couldn’t have gotten through it all without Beth.”

Beau Honoring Nathan

My 14-year-old Rat Terrier, Nathan, developed a pink spot on his nose and was diagnosed with cancer. I took him to an oncologist, and it was discovered that his tumor had metastasized, and I was told that he might live a year or two more. I knew in my heart that we had less time, and I was grateful for the extra time that the Covid stay-at-home regulations were giving us daily. I read books about dog cancer, and from them, I was given tips about diet, medications, and how to show up emotionally for my beloved boy. Christmas came, and I set it all up for the first time in many years to share the experience with him one more time. After all, he had many ornaments from over the years, and some were engraved with his name. We had Christmas and one last road trip together, and I could tell he was changing for the worse, we went back to the vet, and there was no solution there. At this time, I was given Beth Bigler’s name by a trusted friend.

I called Beth, and we spoke on a Sunday, and I cried with her on our first call. I knew right away that Beth was a caring and compassionate woman with lots of valuable input. Over the coming days and weeks, Beth helped me prioritize and get my ducks in a row. On my own, I was frozen in fear and pain over the upcoming loss of my boy. I knew it was coming, but it snuck up on me sooner than I expected.

My ongoing calls and FaceTime meetings with Beth were a gift. We spoke about medication options, his lack of interest in food, how to communicate with him and not scare him, and so much more. Beth became my best friend in this sad and difficult time. She said hello to him on our FaceTime calls, she cried with me, she lit a candle for him after he passed, and when we spoke, she encouraged and showed me how to create and hold space for him during and after his death.

I couldn’t have gotten through it all without Beth. His passing is still a source of sadness for me eight months later, but Beth checks in on me every so often, which means the world to me.

​”Beth made me feel like I could continue to move forward when that felt impossible.”

Adam Honoring Henry

When my dog, Henry, died last fall, I was despondent, utterly lost in my grief. He was so much more than a pet – he was like my brother. So when people said things to me like, “It’s so hard to lose a fur baby,” I’d get so angry. They didn’t get it. I know they meant well, but what a patronizing, horrible thing to say. Henry wasn’t a “fur baby.” He was one of the most loving souls I’ve ever known, and we were bonded in a way I’d never been with any other living being. When he died, I felt so alone, like no one could come close to comprehending what it felt like to lose him.

Beth understood. She got it. She helped me so immeasurably when I thought I was beyond help. She asked the right questions, shared her own experience, and made me feel like I could continue to move forward when that felt impossible. I’ll forever be grateful to her for her empathy, kindness, and friendship.

“One of the best things Beth did for me was to help me give O’Mally the best few months ever.”

Molly Honoring O’Mally

When my cat O’Mally got sick in February, I was paralyzed with fear. My sister-in-law introduced me to Beth, and I’m so happy she did. I think our first session, I cried the whole time at the thought of losing O’Mally. Beth was able to help me understand the process and what would happen if he died at home or if we had to take him in. She also helped me get a support group of people who would help me make the hard decision and who I could talk to about my grief. One of the best things Beth did for me was helping me give O’Mally the best few months ever. I was able to honor him and take extra pictures and videos that I will always cherish. We even threw a party celebrating his birthday, which helped serve as a goodbye party. Everyone who knew and loved him was able to come.

When the time came, I felt much better prepared for losing him because of my time with Beth. While it still wasn’t easy, and I am still grieving, doing some of the work beforehand has made the process much easier. I will continue to recommend Beth to everyone who has an older pet. I think everyone can benefit from her services.

“It was a relief to talk about all my feelings of grief that I ignored for so long.”

Rebecca Honoring Rudy (& Gunther)

My precious German Shepherd Rudy had been my primary companion for ten years. I have no spouse or children, so Rudy and I shared a deep and strong bond. When he was diagnosed with cancer, and the treatment recommended was cost-prohibitive with only a minimal chance of recovery, I decided to make his last months as love-filled and comfortable as possible.

Then I was presented with a rare opportunity to adopt a German Shepherd puppy that a friend was fostering. The mother’s name was Ruby, which I saw as a sign. I decided to bring Gunther home, and, as one might imagine, he took up a great deal of my attention and energy.

Then Covid hit, and I was quarantining with two dogs and a cat. At the time, I had no regrets. I was so thrilled with my furry companions, who made pandemic life much easier. And then, not unexpectedly, but quite suddenly, Rudy’s health took a turn, and he went on to chase squirrels in Doggie Heaven.

I was devastated, of course. My best friend was no longer with me, and the days after his death were very dark and sad. But the pandemic raged on, and I was handed a medical diagnosis that required major surgery and recovery. My grief was ushered to the back of the line.

Six months later, after successful surgery and recovery, I found myself experiencing bouts of sadness and angry, resentful feelings towards Gunther. I compared everything he did to Rudy, and nothing he did was as perfect as Rudy. I no longer enjoyed my furry friends. I was annoyed with them and angry at their shortcomings.

I saw a flyer online for Beth’s pet grief and loss counseling and scheduled a session. It was a relief to talk about all my feelings of grief that I ignored for so long. In our sessions, I understood how losing Rudy was intertwined and compounded with world events and my own health crisis.

I discovered ways to honor and remember Rudy and love and appreciate Gunther as two separate beings. And I ended up making some life choices based on my new understanding of the feelings Rudy’s death brought about. I will forever recommend Beth and pet loss counseling to anyone losing a pet.

“I can now remember Talley and smile rather than feel the pain and guilt.“

Kelsey Honoring Talley

My experience working with Beth was wonderful. From her prompt responses and communication to her coping techniques and everything in between, she made it so easy to seek help.

When my dog, Talley, unexpectedly passed away, I was in shock and disbelief. I was an absolute mess and didn’t know how I was going to navigate life without her. She was more than a dog to me. She was my best friend and soul sister. I was beyond crushed and knew I needed help coping with the loss, so I reached out to Beth and she was there instantly. 

I had never been to any sort of counseling prior to meeting with Beth. She blew my expectations out of the water though. During my conversations with her, I felt like I was in a safe zone where I wouldn’t be judged and I was really able to open up and share my honest thoughts and feelings. I’ve always been a private person, so it was a huge relief lifted off me during our conversations. I was able to talk to others about my grief, but no one understood it quite like Beth. She knew what to ask and helped me find ways in which I could honor Talley and stay connected with her daily. She reminded me that it wasn’t the end, but rather the beginning of a different kind of relationship with Talley. Beth helped me overcome my hesitations with believing in the afterlife, which I can honestly say helps me get through each and every day knowing Talley is at the rainbow bridge. I appreciate how this belief wasn’t pushed on me, but rather I was guided to come to the realization.

The care and compassion Beth showed me was immeasurable, especially being someone who had no previous connection to Talley or myself. I can now remember Talley and smile, rather than feel the pain and guilt that Beth helped me work through to get to this point. I will forever miss my Talley girl and. I’ll never “get over” the loss, but I can now move through life feeling a little bit lighter. 

I truly think Beth is an incredible pet loss grief counselor. Even her prompt communication to my texts/emails made me feel important. I am so thankful that I came across her account on Instagram and had the courage to reach out for help. I’m not sure that I would have made it through that difficult time in my life if it weren’t for her. The best part was having someone there who had experienced the same type of grief I had experienced and knew exactly where I was coming from.  

“I felt lost without Puck when we first started working together. After working together, I really felt more connected with him.”

Heather Honoring Puck

It felt like a lot of friends and family didn’t understand my loss, or even know what to say during this time. Every day, Beth works with people with such a strong connection with their pets, and she can also relate personally, which helped me connect and open up with her even more.

I didn’t have any hesitations about working together. I always knew that I needed to find someone to talk to, and I loved that Beth specialized specifically in pet loss and could relate with me personally (i.e., her relationship with Arnie). It made me feel I wasn’t alone in this journey.

I felt lost without Puck when we first started working together. This was a pain I had never experienced before and my hardest goodbye. After working together, I really felt more connected with him. I also felt more aligned in finding my normal day-to-day routine again.

Beth helped me in so many ways during our time together. She helps you put together upcoming milestone dates to support you in continuing to celebrate your loved one (and some dates that you might find triggering). I specifically loved this during our time together. She helped me tap into ways to continue to honor and celebrate Puck throughout the year and be prepared for the hard days.

She also helped me set boundaries with family, friends, and work. This really helped me feel less pressured during such a heavy time.

Here are a few more of my favorite things she helped me navigate during our time working together:

  1. I’ve always had a difficult time asking for things. Beth helped push me to ask for what I needed during this time from my spouse, friends, and family.
  2. I wanted to work through really remembering our last few days together. This allowed me to have peace in knowing Puck’s passing couldn’t have been more beautiful. I’m grateful Beth helped me really tap into this.
  3. Lastly, Beth helped me feel re-connected with Puck.

Puck was my true soul pet. I cannot thank Beth enough for all she’s done to help me navigate this difficult loss. Even just taking the time to talk about his impact on my life and others was something I’ll always cherish. She assured me through this difficult time that I could come to peace, find beauty in all the memories we had, and that I’ll always have our relationship (Heather & Puck forever)… thank you so much, Beth!

“When I would be hard on myself, Beth challenged me to think differently and be kinder to myself.”

Kelly Honoring Mori

Beth helped me get through one of the worst times of my life.

I did not want to believe Mori was dying. I did not want to talk about the worst thing ever happening. But my anxiety and grief were impacting my life so much that I had to try something to help get me through it.

My soulmate cat, Mori, was diagnosed with cancer. He was not responding to treatment, and I was losing it. I couldn’t sleep, had no appetite, and kept having panic attacks. I desperately emailed Beth looking for a lifeline. She responded within a couple hours, and we had our first appointment the next day. It felt good to speak to someone who got it. Prior animal losses sunk me into a pit of depression, and I was terrified of that happening again.

Before I started seeing Beth, I had no idea how I was going to get through losing Mori. We did a lot of work on anticipatory grief and it allowed me to come to acceptance quicker than I imagined.

When I would be hard on myself, Beth challenged me to think differently and be kinder to myself. Working on shrinking my inner critic and growing my self compassion has had wide-ranging impacts on my entire life.

There are a couple things I really loved about working with Beth! First, I loved how she centered Mori. We spoke about keeping things as normal as possible for him to not scare or upset him. She helped me make decisions that were the best for him. This helped me immensely after he died, as I know I did my absolute best for him. Secondly, Beth was so knowledgeable and compassionate. It really felt like checking in with a friend who had amazing advice to give.

“I felt like my heart was closed off after he passed, but Beth helped me open back up.”

Gelaine Honoring Rémi

Because of Beth, my connection with Rémi is stronger today than when he was alive. I’m forever grateful for what I learned from our work together.

Months before working with Beth, I had previously called a pet loss helpline out of desperation. The person on the other end was a certified grief counselor, but they were cold and impersonal. I felt judged for my grief and ended up crying after I hung up the phone. I was afraid of going through that experience again. I also had a lot of hesitation about paying for pet grief counseling. I had never heard of anyone doing that before, and it felt extravagant, especially as a self-employed person without stable income. I felt like there was something wrong with me – like I should be able to “figure out” this grief on my own, and it was somehow my fault that I couldn’t.

I still had those hesitations when I reached out to Beth on Instagram, but at that point I was desperate enough to try anything. It had been 5 months since I lost Rémi, and I had been crying every single day and would even sneak into the bathroom to cry in the middle of the night. I felt stuck in my grief, and it scared me that I’d never feel like myself again. I just couldn’t go another month feeling this way.

When I had my connection call with Beth, she immediately made me feel cared for and validated. She also talked about Rémi in a way that felt healing, like she loved him too. And I knew right away that if anyone could help me through my grief, it would be Beth. I was right.

Beth helped me realize that my relationship with Rémi can continue. I thought he was just gone forever, and the thought devastated me. But now I realize my grief is a gift. I felt like my heart was closed off after he passed, but Beth helped me open back up. I feel so much more open, more loving, and more connected to my fellow humans and the world around me. I would never have imagined feeling this way a year ago.

Thank you, Beth and Arnie, for bringing my sweet Rémi and I closer together.

“Working with Beth felt like having a personal guide through this really difficult and brand new time of my life.”

Solana Honoring Oreo

I was ready to do the work. I just felt like I didn’t know what “the work” was. Working with Beth felt like having a personal guide through this really difficult and brand new time of my life. Before working together, things felt very heavy, scary, and hopeless. As I worked with her, I started to feel a little lighter and more settled in my new normal. I realized that my relationship with Oreo continues even though it is obviously very different than when she was here in an earthly vessel.

The biggest surprise from our work together is that a few days before our last session, I adopted Blaze. I didn’t know if I would ever be ready for another fur baby, and I was surprised when I realized that I was!

Beth gets it because she’s been through it, and the support that she provides is really helpful.

“During a time when I could barely function, Beth became the person I could truly talk to.”

Erika Honoring Paisley

Paisley was my best friend, my shadow, my travel partner, my child. She is my soulmate. When I lost her, I plummeted into the lowest of lows.  During a time when I could barely function, Beth became the person I could truly talk to. I cried to her, vented to her, sifted through painful feelings with her, and told her stories about my girl. In turn, she showed me extreme compassion, empathy, and a deep understanding for what I was enduring. She made me feel validated, less alone, and gave me useful tools for my grief. She has been a bright light during a very dark time.

If you are in the midst of processing an unbearable loss, you need to contact Beth for a consultation. Not only do I highly recommend her for anyone struggling, but can assure you she’ll become a cornerstone for your journey with grief.

“As a result of working with Beth, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to return to a functioning human being.”

Louannie Honoring Minky

Beth was easy to talk to. I never felt judged – even at my lowest. I felt heard and validated. I didn’t have any hesitation working with her. I was deep in my grief, and I found Beth as a spark of hope I needed. Before working together, I felt anger, fear, and sadness. After working together I felt hopeful and I no longer felt angry. It was so supportive talking about Minky and celebrating her. I enjoyed the tools Beth would give me to help me manage my emotions. The weekly exercises were also very helpful.

As a result of working with Beth, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to return to a functioning human being. I was able to get back to work and help others through their grief of saying goodbye to their fur family. Beth also helped me through the process of moving across the country and starting a new job without my soul dog.

The best part is that we have ended up in such a comfortable place about Archie’s death.”

Meg and Gordon Honoring Archie

I want other people to know that there is a path to a place where they can continue to have a very real relationship with their beloved pet and get help with guilt or regrets they may feel due to their pet’s death. 

Beth said from the start that we would be able to continue to have a happy and meaningful relationship with Archie. I thought to myself that anything that could get me to that place would be so helpful.  I wasn’t even aware that this was possible.

We were still in shock when we first started with Beth, but even after the first session, she started providing tools and a framework to address our grief and to continue our relationship with Archie.  Working through the traumatic six days at the end of his life, and the feelings of guilt and regret was very, very helpful. My son and I feel like we are in a much better place after our work together with Beth. I am now able to talk about Archie, talk to Archie, and be happy when I look at his pictures and the special place where we keep his ashes and special moments.

The best part is that we have ended up in such a comfortable place about Archie’s death. Counseling with Beth will help people address their sadness and regrets about the loss of someone so loved and help them continue having a meaningful relationship with their pet.

“Beth gave me the space to feel my feelings, to honor Sharky in ways I had not thought about, and to know that things would get better.”

Kelly Honoring Sharky

Beth helped me navigate one of the toughest times in my life. Even though I had lost both of my parents and their losses filled me with grief, nothing compared to the pain and intense grief that came with losing Sharky. Beth gave me the space to feel my feelings, to honor Sharky in ways I had not thought about, and to know that things would get better. More than anything, she helped me realize that his last few hours did not define our relationship.

I felt intense pain, and even felt guilty for feeling so devastated – more than when I had lost my parents. I felt embarrassed. Beth helped me see and understand that what I was feeling was normal. I accepted the pain as it came. I remember there was an exercise Beth gave me as homework that at the time felt ‘non-sense.’ Writing that letter was the best thing I did for Sharky and me.

Don’t do it alone. You do not have to. It is not a “fast lane” through the grief process, but rather a “let me guide you so you CAN get better without the ‘extra’ things that make grieving so hard.” Don’t be ashamed of asking for help. You and your pet will be glad you did.

I have been able to move on with my life…to know and see that things CAN get better. I understand the love for our pets is something else. Honestly, I am more present with my life and my pets’ lives.

I did not know Pet Grief Counseling was a thing. I am so glad I found Beth. One thing for sure was how much she guided me to rely on Bella (my other dog) for support.

The best part of working together was the time we had to chat about Sharky. I loved that I got to honor his memory by remembering him.

“I went to Beth in the early days of my devastation, and she gave me support and comfort in ways I didn’t know existed for this type of loss.”

Ashley Honoring Grayson

I am forever grateful for my experience working with Beth. I came to her at a time when I was feeling extremely vulnerable and had suddenly lost my cat. She was not only supportive in helping me through one of the toughest losses of my life, she challenged me to leave my comfort zone and push myself through the limits I needed to break through my grief.

When I first considered grief counseling for my pet, I did think, “Is this weird?” I had only heard of people going to grief counseling for significant losses, such as spouses, parents, siblings, etc., but never for an animal. The more I thought about it and looked at the content on Beth’s page, I got the feeling she would be able to help me, and I abandoned the idea of thinking it was abnormal or strange to go to grief counseling for a pet.

Before working with Beth, I felt overwhelmed with grief. I lost my pet cat in a sudden and shocking way when he developed a blood clot and needed to be put down immediately. I went to Beth in the early days of my devastation, and she gave me support and comfort in ways I didn’t know existed for this type of loss. 

I was surprised at how much doing the ‘homework’ helped me feel better. Exercises such as journal entries, writing activities, and physical exercises allowed me to work through my grief instead of simply trying to “get through” it.

I loved being able to talk openly and honestly about what was bothering me with someone who understood my grief but was able to look at it from a different perspective. While I had a great support system around me, it’s different being able to express yourself with a neutral person who has no prior relationship with you and can give feedback you might not get from family and friends.

After working with her for a few months, I felt confident in my abilities to manage my grief in a healthy way, as well as continue to honor Grayson in my present life.

“Even though others were there to support me, no one really knew what to do for me or how best to honor Paulie. Beth was that person.”

Ron Honoring Paulie

Working through the loss of my little Paulie was overwhelming. Even in the days before he left this physical world, my grief and pain were all-consuming. He was my world, and I was his. I didn’t have any idea how to begin to say goodbye, nor any idea how to move through the loss once that fateful day arrived.

Beth was my touchstone. I was able to process my fear, my profound sadness, my regrets – all of it – and move past that to focus on the beautiful life I had with Paulie. She helped me to be there fully for him in those last days, and she worked with me to craft all the things I wanted to say before he left. It gave me the chance to say goodbye – to have him hear all that I needed him to know. I had no idea how that gift would comfort me long after he was gone. 

After Paulie moved on, Beth helped me recognize it was only his physical presence that left, that his beautiful, spunky spirit was still with me and always will be. Beth helped me to make room for Paulie to remain forever in my heart.

A dear friend recommended Beth, and I knew how she had helped him during his loss, so I had no hesitations. That said, I walked into our first meeting not knowing at all what to expect, nor really believing there was any way of moving through the anguish I was feeling. She began by creating space to honor Paulie and all he was to me. She spoke openly of her own experiences with losing her kitty and what worked for her. She made it ok to feel all the painful feelings while, at the same time, make room for the beauty that was my life with Paulie.

The best part about working with Beth was simply the awareness of not being alone in my loss and grief. Even though others were there to support me, no one really knew what to do for me or how best to honor Paulie. Beth was that person for me.

“I am forever changed thanks to Blue and Beth.”

Marnie Honoring Blue

I came to find Beth about one month prior to experiencing my own loss. I am an RVT in Canada, and a patient with whom I had worked very closely with for the better part of a year had been euthanized.

I experience loss daily in my profession and have always felt like I am able to process and compartmentalise those losses in a normal way. I cry and I feel it if I have to, and then I move on. The loss of this patient was much more difficult and set me on a journey of trying to understand the depth of my feelings. Enter: Honoring Our Animals & Beth.

I had lost my own pets in the past, the most recent being 12 years prior, and I could acutely recall how that affected me. I slipped into a deep depression and isolated myself from everyone, while also self-medicating with alcohol. I worried about how loss would affect my patient’s owners and shared information from Beth’s instagram with them, while also taking inventory of how I would use this material in the (hopefully far) future. Little did I know that finding Beth as a result of losing that sweet patient was synchronicity working in my own life.

I said goodbye to my soul cat in the early morning hours of March 10th, as a result of multiple human errors, and my life was never the same again. I would not be where I am today without having found Beth, and I give a million thanks to that fluffy orange boy who went on to his next journey just a month before Blue then followed him.

I had hesitations about every other counsellor I came across before Beth. Asking for help is never easy, but Beth’s website, instagram, and initial conversation setting up an appointment, brought me such comfort – I wasn’t alone anymore.

Now that I’ve concluded my work with Beth, I can absolutely say that I never expected to be at this point. I didn’t ever expect to live my life without pain after I lost Blue, but I do. And not because I’ve forgotten about him – quite the contrary. Beth facilitated a journey between Blue & I that found me exploring what he meant to me, what I meant to him, and how we are both forever changed because of each other. And while the journey to this point was not linear (nor will it ever be), I have managed to maintain and build on my relationship with Blue even after his death. He is more present in my world than ever & that is the gift Beth gave to me.

What most surprised me about working with Beth was her ability to “prescribe” just the right exercise or task for what I was going through in that moment. Then, I was surprised at how much it relieved me & wondered how she knew! Something as simple as writing a letter and reading it out loud to someone was like lifting a ton of bricks off my shoulders. When I remember that relief, it makes me feel emotional.

The emotions I felt were vast – deep anger towards those who caused Blue’s death, profound sadness for the loss of my cat and also for my profession & sense of self, and complete, utter desperation for normalcy again. I experienced a myriad of physical manifestations of my grief and talking through all of it with Beth, without judgment, is what brought the greatest solace.