Community. Connection. Comfort.

You’re grieving your beloved, and no one really gets it.

So you’re isolated.

And you’re lonely.

It’s a tough place – a very tough place. 

That’s where my small cohort groups come in.

Find your place alongside eight or fewer fellow grieving guardians who fully embrace your sorrow, honor your struggle, and commit to exploring their grief alongside you.

Each week, we meet to share, learn, and empower ourselves as we move with our grief.

You’ll embark on an expertly guided and structured 10-session journey, facilitated by me, to express, understand, and cope with your grief while strengthening your connection with your beloved.

All group cohorts include access to our exclusive Honoring Our Animals private community, reserved only for my current and former clients. This private grief support community is full of insightful experts, informative and nurturing events, compassionate grieving guardians, and direct access to additional face-to-face time with me.

All group participants will receive:

  • 10 expertly guided, facilitated sessions by Beth with your cohort
    • New strategies for coping skills to support your day-to-day grief symptoms
    • A safe space to voice your challenges and empower yourself
    • An effective and powerful group activity in each session (like writing, role-playing, meditation, and creating art), all designed to be effective and transformative
    • Ample opportunity to share your story and relate to others
    • Proven and potent tools for supporting your sorrow, guilt, worry, fear, hopelessness, replaying, identity questioning, and any other feeling and pain point you’re experiencing
    • Prompts, readings, and exercises to assist with your biggest grief pain points, giving you a landscape for deeper exploration of your relationship with your beloved and grief’s impact on your life
    • Continuing conversation with group members via a secure, private forum just for people in your group
    • Week-to-week support by not only me but also by a dedicated group mentor and guide who provides an added layer of comfort and wisdom
    • 24/7 access to the Honoring Our Animals grief support community
  • 12 Guest Lecture Workshops
    • Bimonthly sessions with leading experts and practitioners from many modalities who bring their warmth, experience, and guidance to our grief. My network of powerhouse speakers and providers offers a wider lens for deepening your relationship with your grief and your beloved.
    • Recent workshops include:
      • Dream Work & Grief: How Dreams Impact Us During Loss with Karen Bonner Mori, MS, LPC
      • EFT Tapping Workshop with Hema Nair, Coach
      • A 3-part workshop series: Guilt, Self-Compassion, and Love, with Marian Silverman, Pet Loss Grief Counselor
      • Connecting With Your Beloved: Deepening Your Ability to Experience Healing Journeys with Lisa Manning, CST, LMT
      • Identity and Parts of Self: A Mandala Exploration with Emma Rogers, LCSW
      • one B R E A T H Soulmate Candlelit Breathwork Meditation with Brandon Hamel
      • Grief & Your Voice: True Voice Communion with Healther Wolf
      • …and many more!
    • Many of our guest expert workshops are available in our extensive resources & recordings library so that you can revisit the sessions again or enjoy them if you weren’t able to be there live!
  • 12 office hours with Beth
    • Bimonthly informal Q&A sessions with me. Bring a question or bring your curiosity and listen to what’s in other griever’s hearts.
    • Thinking of welcoming a new family member but not sure if you’re ready?
    • Going to see your family for the first time since your loss and not sure how to talk about it?
    • Unsure what to share or not share on social media?
    • Need some support with a homework assignment?
    • Whatever questions are on your mind, I am there to answer.
  • 12 community workshops/gatherings led by Beth or group guides
    • A dedicated space for our grief support community to share our experiences about different aspects of grief and loss and go deeper in our understanding. Recent workshops include:
      • Pet Loss Grief & Tarot
      • Holiday Connecting
      • Anticipatory Reflections
      • Sudden/Traumatic Loss
      • Behavioral Euthanasia
      • Honoring our Human Loss
      • Study Halls for individual or group homework
      • Young Loss
      • My Favorite Story About My Beloved
      • Family Dynamics During Grief
      • …and more!
  • 24/7 Discussion Forum Access
    • Our forums are spaces for you to connect with other grievers about all aspects of your grief.
    • Wake up in the middle of the night and need to vent?
    • Have an upcoming anniversary date and desire wisdom and ideas?
    • Seeking inspiration for how to celebrate a milestone?
    • Need a place to ask questions you’re worried no one else will understand?
    • Looking to find people near you for in-person meetups or events?
    • We are all here for you to support and inspire you whenever you need us.
  • Recordings and Resources Library
    • Access recordings of lectures and workshops, exercises and worksheets, and other pet loss grief resources at any time

Our Promise to Each Other & You: These are safe spaces.

Every space our groups hold together is expertly structured and facilitated.

The small groups are cohorts, meaning that you’ll see the same small group of people each week.

Between the structure, facilitation, and growing familiarity, our community is a place where you can be safely heard and held in a non-judgmental and compassionate way. Every voice has the opportunity to be heard and supported equally and you can trust that you will be understood, validated, and nurtured each and every week.

Our community will be here for you.

We truly get it.

We’ve helped each other, and we look forward to welcoming you to our loving and understanding space, where you’ll be met with compassionate ears and open hearts.

“The group was so helpful for me. It was healing to be around others going through similar things. It gave me something to look forward to each week, and I often noticed that people would say things I had been thinking about or feeling, which also helped me feel less alone. The exercises Beth assigned were all so beneficial and truly did challenge me to think about things in new ways. So much so that I now want to find a regular therapist who does something similar. Beth is better than any therapist I’ve ever met, pet-grief-related or otherwise. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make all the sessions or handle the homework. I also worried that it might make me feel worse to hear others’ sad stories as well – that maybe it would just make me sadder. I spoke to Beth; she was super understanding and suggested I try it. So I came to the first session and after that, I knew I had to continue.”

-Bisanne honoring Lucy

“I was hesitant before working in a group setting, because of the immense guilt and shame I had in my life with my beloved. I was afraid I’d be judged or ostracized, or worse yet, told that I was a horrible cat mom. None of that happened because I was immediately reassured. Beth never ever made anything I said or wrote feel wrong in any sense. The best part was the non judgmental inclusion and understanding within the group. And now, with animal lovers, I am more able to genuinely share my love for my sweet boy and the deep connection I still have with him.

– Kati Honoring Ollie

“I am amazed by the volume of resources available.  There is a guest speaker/session almost every week that you can choose to attend on a wide range of topics.  Beth and the mentors are also extremely accessible.  I was thrilled to have access to the private community and the events – these are things that you would normally pay hundreds of dollars for.”

– Julie honoring Dusty BunBuns

“I was hesitant to participate in small group work, but I now look back and see how fortunate I was to have had the opportunity. Originally I wasn’t sure how an introvert with high social anxiety, like myself, could benefit. However, having participated in group sessions I now see how great the benefits are – not just for myself, but for the others in my group as well. Each week we talked about our babies and were led by Beth through healing exercises. I felt safe with this group. Safe enough to learn, heal, cry and grow. Even after the group finished, I still keep in contact with my fellow small group grievers. I had been afraid to join but am thankful that I found the courage.”

– Jami Honoring Izabel

“Working with Beth in one of her group cohorts was such a beautiful, healing experience. Every week felt like a big group hug that I so desperately needed. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get myself to talk, but I did! Hearing everyone’s stories helped me feel comfortable sharing some darker areas of mine. Before working with Beth I felt very lonely. Within the group, I felt a sense of community. I so wish we all lived in the same neighborhood!

The best part about working together was the love I felt and the feeling that I was truly listened to. I would highly recommend pet loss grief counseling. The sense of community and love from people who are going through the same thing is profoundly healing.”

– Keira Honoring Salem

“Before I attended the group sessions, I felt alone and misunderstood in my grief journey but participating in a group and discovering shared experiences has brought healing and a sense of belonging. Group has allowed me to share my beloved Harper in a supportive environment with other pet loss grievers who simply get it.”

– Kearstin Honoring Harper

“I was hesitant to work with a pet loss specialist because I felt a stigma. I felt like I was being dramatic or that I’d be judged for struggling so much over pet loss when people experience loss everyday. But, I overcame that when I joined the group because I realized I wasn’t alone in my feelings and that it was completely okay to allow myself to go through this. Beth suggested the group which I was also hesitant to but it truly naturally all fell away as I got comfortable in the group setting.”

– Jasmine honoring Hunter

“I was in the midst of a crisis after losing my beloved Clemmie. Beth’s availability, support and guidance gave me hope. She connected me to a group where I met others like me who loved their pets wholeheartedly, so I didn’t feel alone or weird (as some non-pet lovers could make me feel). Being in a group setting was fantastic! It was a wonderful and healing experience to connect with others who “get it” and it was also great to have their support via our private online community. We did powerful exercises to work through grief and connect more deeply to ourselves, our beloveds, and each other.

The best part about working together was feeling supported, honoring Clemmie’s loving and vibrant personality and getting to relate to others in the group. I didn’t think I would experience greater love from my beloved, for my beloved, and for others and their animals!”

– Jess Honoring Clemmie