Counseling for High-Profile Clients

When you’re in the public eye…

Your work, choices, and image are scrutinized.

It’s hard to trust people…

… and it can feel dangerous to let down your guard.

You are under tremendous pressure to perform and succeed.

Being in the spotlight can be rewarding, but it’s not without its challenges.

“The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.”

Is it hard to turn off your brain?

Does it seem impossible to stop hustling?

Do you often struggle to give yourself the rest you need to recharge?

It’s no surprise that the unconditionally loving presence of your animal companion is one of the most precious gifts in your life.

Your “achievements” never mattered to your animal.

No… they freely gave you acceptance, joy, connection, and comfort.

Throughout all the changes in your life – your career, relationships, and growth – your animal has been a constant, unwavering support.

Your steadfast companion has been that familiar touchstone no matter what time zone you were waking in: a deep connection, a best friend… a soulmate.

A true best friend. A deeper level connection. A soulmate.

It can be hard to find people who understand…

… when you’re anticipating the loss of your animal companion or grieving your friend’s death.

People expect a lot of you, and time and space to grieve a pet may not be at the top of their priority list.

Grief counseling can help you develop skills to manage the pressure, stress, and sorrow of your loss.

I know you need to move through this pain to meet the demands you have on your shoulders.

I know you can’t risk being paralyzed in grief.

I know you need a safe, nonjudgmental, and validating space to process your feelings.

I understand high-profile individuals and families.

For over two decades of working as a film, television, and theatre professional in New York and Los Angeles, I have worked intimately with A-list actors, producers, athletes, musicians, writers, and executives. I have also had the unique experience of working with talent before they were famous, shepherding them into the limelight.

I’m comfortable with your status and situation. I also know you are more than what you present to the public.

I understand the pressures, challenges, and exceptional emotional complexities of fame. I get the expectations of our industry and the standards to which you are held. I appreciate the rare and complex relationship you have with your animal, and I know your adjustment to loss has unique obstacles.

And, I deeply respect your need for discretion, confidentiality, and to be seen for who you are – not your public persona.

Let’s get to work today before your pain increases. I’m here for you. Please call: (310) 703-3990.