Honor your animal by living your best life.

Grief counseling support before, during, or after the loss of your beloved animal companion.

Online nationwide in the privacy of your home

It’s like a piece of yourself is gone.

It isn’t “just a dog” or “only a cat.” Not to you.

To you, it’s your family, your soulmate, your truest bond.

And the breaking of this bond through death is one of the most challenging experiences you’ve ever faced.

Your grief is real & profound.

The loss you are experiencing is more painful than any in your past.

Trying to hold it together is just too difficult.

Your guilt, anger, shock, anxiety, and disorientation are overwhelming.

People in your life don’t understand…

They don’t understand the depth of your pain.

Your connection with your companion animal is unlike any other.

It’s one of the most significant and loving relationships of your life.

You just don’t know how you will go on without your beloved.

Help is here.

Don’t wait for your pain to get worse.

You need someone who gets it.

Someone who can guide you through this process and help you emerge happy and healthy on the other side.

This is where I come in.

Hi, I’m Beth.

I’m here to support you before, during, and after the death of your beloved animal companion.

In a validating, nonjudgmental space, we’ll explore the depths of your grief and honor the relationship you had with your pet.

We’ll pinpoint which coping strategies and tools will work best to support you emotionally, physically, and spiritually while celebrating and preserving the bond you shared.

You know that journeying through this pain and coming out stronger, happier, and transformed is what your animal companion would want for you. That’s how you can honor the gifts your dear one gave.

Let’s work together to give yourself the care you deserve.

Take the first step to
ease your pain.

Call me now for a 20-minute complimentary
consultation to help me learn about your pet and
the pain you are feeling.

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